Ben Nolan

Ben Nolan, born in 1981, grew up in the south of Baden-Württemberg.
Already in his early youth he discovered his passion for electronic music. At the age of 13 he bought his first record player including a mixer. From this moment on he spent almost all of his time with mixing. Always searching for the newest sounds at the record stores, he built an impressive collection of vinyls over the years.
He improved his skills in a constant flow and developed a feeling for the right set up to enthuse the audience. After he had experimented with different types of music through the course of time, he found his own sound. He earned himself an excellent reputation as a guest-DJ by constant deejaying in local discos. Soon afterwards these were followed by the first big invitations, where he played on festivals with thousand´s of guests for several days. Ben elated the audience constantly in a unique and conclusive way with his sound, far away from the trends of the other DJs.
While his career proceeded continuous with gigs around the world, he although developed his individual style and found his authentic sound of tech-house/ minimal/ techno, which he is cleave to until now and which lets his fan base grow constantly. His sets find great approval and are featured with more than a thousand clicks.
The wish to produce by himself and influence the scene with his great experience was growing henceforth and became so strong, that he decided to invest in an own recording studio. At this studio, which is equipped very professional meanwhile, he not only is preparing new sets for gigs, at which he benefits from an enormous archive, but he although is producing his own emotional style of music with success.

“In my eyes music is a platform, which unites all of the people, regardless of which style she is built on.”